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Motsinger Choose and Cut Christmas Trees at Pine Shadows Farm, near Winston-Salem, NC


Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees in Roaring Gap, North Carolina - Motsinger Trees  


Nordman Fir Christmas Trees: 5' to 10'+

The Nordmann Fir is a coniferous evergreen native to the mountains south and east of the Black Sea in the Russian Caucasus and Turkey. Although widely used as both an ornamental and a Christmas tree throughout Europe, to date this fir is largely unknown by the American public. The Nordmann has long black-green needles that are soft to the touch, strong branches for heavier ornaments, and excellent needle retention after being cut. This is a remarkable Christmas tree that seems to acclimate and flourish under erratic weather conditions such as severe and extended drought and overly wet weather. Left untended in its natural environment, the Nordmann fir can grow to be over two hundred feet tall, making it the tallest tree in Europe.

Canaan Fir Christmas Tree at Pine Shadows Farm in Alleghany County, NC  


Canaan Fir Christmas Trees: 5' TO 15'+

The Canaan fir is similar in growth and appearance to both the Canadian balsam fir and the Fraser fir. It has 3/4" to 1 1/2" dark green, flattened needles that are silvery on the underside and soft to the touch. Many of our customers ask specifically for Canaan fir because it has a pleasing, citrusy scent. As Canaan fir trees have the ability to grow in certain types of soils not well-suited to other fir types, we are beginning to see more interest in its use as a Christmas tree.

Choose and cut Fraser Fir Christmas Trees at Motsinger Tree Farm near Winston-Salem, NC  


Fraser Fir Christmas Trees: 5' to 15'

Strong branches turning slightly upward give the Fraser fir a pyramidal shape. The flattened needles are 1/2" to 1" long, dark green on the upper side, silvery white underneath. The fraser's overall form, color, pleasant scent and excellent needle retention make it a favorite Christmas tree nationwide!

Serbian Spruce Christmas Trees at Motsinger Trees near Sparta, North Carolina  


Serbian Spruce Christmas Trees: 5' TO 15'

This spruce tree is native to the northern parts of Europe and Asia. It has shorter needles than the Colorado spruce and the fir trees, measuring only 1/2" to 3/4" in length. Visually, it has a two-color-tone effect, the colors being medium green and silvery-gray. Often used as an ornamental, the Serbian spruce would make an attractive and unusual Christmas tree with only average needle retention.

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